How to be happy in life?

Building great relationships leads to an amazing life!

Relationships can be exciting if you put in the effort.  Disagreements and conflicts are inevitable, however they do not have to leave everlasting damage.

Do you have a relationship that need repairs or a tune up?

Are you facing Relationship Problems?



From “Do I?” to “I Do!”

Are you seriously dating?


Do you have at least 6 months before your anticipated wedding date?


Couples Issues

What is your love style?

How do you feel love?

How do you show love?

How’s your view on intimacy?

Can’t communicate your wishes and needs?

Are you not being heard?


Individual Issues

Are you having problems connecting to others?

Can’t seem to trust anyone?

In and out of toxic relationships?

Want to become a better version of yourself?


Family Issues

Parenting is most fulfilling and sometimes the most challenging.  You want what is best for your child and having a strong parent-child(ren) relationship can lead to emotionally healthy children.

How I can help you be happier

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I will come along side of you to help you to set and obtain realistic therapeutic goals.  Need more confidence, need help setting boundaries, lacking encouragement, overwhelmed? Or are you looking to start something new but feel you are not strong enough?  Are you holding on to a secret that is becoming too heavy to bare any longer?  I offer a safe, non-judging space for you to be free.  We will collaborate and determine from where your defeating thoughts come and replace them with healthy positive thinking.  

Let’s work together to explore the possibilities for real change in your life and relationships.

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Premarital Counseling

Marriage is not to be entered into lightly.  I provide a course to prepare you for such an important decision.  Why premarital counseling?  Assess your relationship for over 30 categories that you may not have considered such as communications, conflict resolutions, finances, previous marriages and expecting children.  Premarital counseling reduces risks of divorce and enhances relationships and provides skill building exercises to help strengthen your relationship.

Let’s work together to start the beginning of your lives together strong.  

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Marriage/Couples Counseling

Does it seem like the two of you are on separate pages or planets even?  Are you not getting your emotional needs met?  Are you not talking or just yelling at one another?  I will come along side of you both, remaining neutral and help you communicate effectively, with out judgement and help you go deeper in your connection with one another.  We will explore your early childhood wounds and how they are having an affect in your relationship.

  Let’s work together to bring back that loving feeling, that joy you had when you first met.