You will explore:

  • How to move from “Do I?” to “I Do!”… or “I Don’t”.
  • How your home of origin and past relationships affect how you relate to your partner.
  • Expectations you and your partner bring into the relationship.
  • How to ask challenging questions about your relationship.
  • Truths and principles of marriage including roles and responsibilities for husbands and wives and how to implement them.
  • Developing a discipline that will keep your marriage healthy for years to come.
  • Your strengths and weakness and much more.
Each couple completes an extensive assessment, individually. The answers from each question is used to discuss matters in which the couple disagree and help to gain understanding of the others perspective and come up with guidelines that will work for their relationship. Layered categories of discussions to be had in order to prepare for readiness.
Who should Register?


  • Seriously dating couples
  • Engaged couples
  • Couples who have at least six months before their anticipated wedding date (If less than, let’s discuss)